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About Huffaker PTA

The Huffaker Elementary School PTA is a dedicated group proudly serving the entire Huffaker Elementary School Family - students, parents, teachers and staff.  Our mission is to bring Huffaker families together to improve and enhance the educational experience of our students!

Joining the Huffaker Elementary PTA to:

  • Stay "in the know" as a Huffaker parent and family

  • Be a voice for your child

  • Communicate with our school principal directly at our monthly meetings

  • Hear reports from teacher and student liaisons about the school

  • Enjoy scheduled guest speakers on pertinent issues surrounding educational and parenting concerns

  • Participate in, and directly impact the continued success of our school

Our group is only successful due to the dedication of our members and volunteers.  We encourage every parent, teacher and staff member to ​JOINattend our meetings to learn what is happening in the school, and volunteer to help at our various fundraisers and support events all year!

What PTA has funded in 2020/ where your memberships are going:

PE Teacher

Virtual Field Trip, Pumpkins & Tickets - Kinder & 1st Grade

Music (microphone and recording software for video classes, music folders for each student,  melody instruments - one for each student - chimes, boomwhackers & resonator bells) bringing the music program back to the students within current restrictions)


Wish List (will be added to during course of year):

30 desktop computers for student computer room

3 Smart Board Projectors

What Does The PTA Do?

The Huffaker PTA covers all of our school's needs that the district does not have budget for. In addition to funding school programs, PTA volunteers help bring our community together through fun family events like the Harvest Festival and Sweetheart Dances.

Our Mission

Join our PTA

We'd love for you to join our PTA! Membership is $10 or $4.50 for teachers and staff. Click here to easily sign-up online! 

We Need Your Support Today!

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