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Direct Donations

Huffaker PTA supports a wide variety of programs for which Washoe County School District has no budget--like our physical education and art programs--as well as supplements district funding for music, classroom technology, our Science, Technology, Education and Math [STEM] accreditation process and more. We are most appreciative of all donations, no matter the amount.

Huffaker PTA seeks to fund the following in the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Physical education (teacher) = $10,000

  • Masterpiece Art program (coordinator and materials) = $1,000

  • Music (instruments) = $3,500

  • Library (materials) = $1,000

  • Computer lab technology (replacement of outdated desktops) = $4,000

  • Classroom technology (replacement of outdated active board projectors) = $1,000

  • STEM accreditation = $1,500

  • Instructional support (supplemental classroom supplies) = $2,500

  • Huffaker community events (Field Day, Family Science Night, etc.) = $1,400

  • Field trips (virtual or in-person, as permitted) = $2,000

  • Health and safety (water bottle refiller) = $5,000


All funds raised go directly to supporting these programs and others and enriching the education of all Huffaker students.

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